Don’t you hate moving?

We know that we do! Sometimes do you wish there was a manual on how to move? Well, that is what this is article is all about, a manual for when you decide to move suppliers. Especially when it comes to shrink sleeves, shrink sleeves have a few extra steps. They use an array of different substrates and shrinking tunnels. By using these steps will make that transition a whole heck of a lot easier.

Moving any project to a new supplier can be a pain, and with shrinks sleeves, you have a few more extra steps than you would have with a stand-up pouch or even a PS label. We wish that it was as easy as just handing over the file and hitting print. The first thing is to size the container or bottle. From that, then a grid test can be made with the same material that the project is running on. Sending the grid test to the
customer or the co-manufacturer allows them to test the film on their shrink tunnels. This process cannot move forward until the approval of the grid test. Right now, you’re probably asking why? Well, this is because the art sometimes has to be distorted.

Which brings us to the next step, the art set-up, during the first stage of the shrink sleeve, we are doing more than just the measurements, and we are also making a blueprint for the art layout. We achieved the design in one of two ways. The first being the old fashion way, with a tape ruler and your eyeballs. Then the second is by 3d scanning of the container or bottle itself. From there, distorting the areas that need to be can be quickly done so.

The process for new shrink sleeves can take weeks or even months. The amount of grid test made plays a considerable role in that. So for when that time comes to move suppliers, make sure to have time and all the necessary resources. But do not fret, we will help you with every step along the way.

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